Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dear Kids,
          We can see the ground again! Our snow has mostly melted, and we can see grass, dirt, and rocks again. So can the rabbits, who are back, eating our lawn. So can the deer, who are eating the lawn, and everything else. There were four of them in our yard last night, and when I tried to scare them away, they just stared at me. If they keep it up, we won’t need to mow the lawn this summer. We might not even have a lawn. 
           The Mexicans finished working in our basement, so Dad and I are down there again. Dad is painting, and I’m installing doors and moldings and doing tile. I need to figure out where to get carpet. We always went to Wards before, but we had so much trouble last time around, when they installed the wrong carpet, that I promised myself we’d never deal with them again. I contacted the guy in Heber who did Tom’s and John’s basements, but he’s hard to pin down. At least our project is far enough along to think about carpet! I’m glad for that.
          Macie’s turning eight, and her baptism, tentatively, will be Friday night, March 4, in Pocatello. One of her Sutton cousins is being baptized too, just like with Meg, and they’re having to work around all their various activities, so it looks like a Friday night will work best for them. I’ll let you all know the address and time when I find out. 
           Oreo seems to have disappeared. I can’t stand it when our cats go missing! It’s the price you pay for loving them. Some of our cats have died in terrible accidents (Trash, Scarlett, Mr. Knightly,) but at least you know what happened to them. We can still hope Oreo might turn up, like Vanessa’s Kita Cat, who was gone for nine months and then turned up at their old house. I’ll hope for that.
          Lots of love, Mom