Sunday, February 7, 2016

Dear Kids,
         Our big excitement this week was five Mexicans arriving Friday morning to sheetrock our basement. They were 1 1/2 hours late, but when they started working, they were flinging up 12-foot pieces, holding them up with their heads, zipping with their drill drivers, slicing with their cutting knives–it was magical. I texted Tom to come and see, but I was honestly afraid they’d finish the whole basement before he got there. He came in 20 minutes, and we watched in amazement while they worked. The Mexicans literally ran past us with their pieces of sheetrock. After a little more than an hour, though, they stopped for lunch. And their lunch break took an hour and a half! They had their own microwave there, and they heated up their containers of tortillas and beans, and they laughed and they talked. But when they finally got back to work, they finished in lightening time. I think the whole basement took them less than two hours. They’re coming back on Monday to tape, and on Tuesday to texture. I can’t wait.
         Friday afternoon Dad and I drove to Brigham City for a visit with Andy and Renae. We met them at the temple and did a session, and then we went to dinner at Maddox’s. It was mobbed with people, mostly out-of-towners, according to Renae, traveling through. Maddox pies are famous, and Andy bought one to take home. The next morning Renae helped me make a pattern for slacks, since I can’t buy anything that fits me, anywhere. She’s an expert pattern-fitter. There’s an actual class she took at BYU where you learn that! She cut pieces of muslin and fit them on me, and kept adjusting until I was wearing a pair of muslin slacks. I can use that to make the pattern myself, here at home. I’m excited to eventually wear something besides levis. 
           Our rabbit problem seems to be solving itself. I think lots of them have died from the cold. The rest have been flattened on the roads. They sure aren’t very careful! 
          I hope you’re all doing well! We are, too! Love, Mom