Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dear Kids,
          Oreo never returned. A predator must have gotten him. Or two. There were two foxes strolling through the field last fall, and if they’re still around, they might have cornered him. One fox couldn’t have done it. When Dad and I used to chase him through the living room, it took both of us to corner him. We hope his end was quick. I’m planning to get two kittens to replace him. One cat couldn’t do it. Besides, Xena is getting very old (16) and she might not live much longer.
          Macie’s baptism will be this coming Friday night, March 4, in Pocatello, at 6 pm. It will be at the church at 42 Princeton Street, right by the interstate, where we’ve been before. Some of us will probably be staying over in Pocatello that night, but I don’t know if anybody has definite plans yet.
         Yesterday afternoon Dad and I went to the Timpanogos Valley Theater production of The Wizard of Oz, starring (among others) Ali and Abi Ackerson. First they were crows, and then poppies, and then ladies of Oz. They were very cute! Emma was helping with costume changes. (She’ll be in a production there next week, starring older children.) Kim was in charge of concessions (a bake sale!) so Dad and I bought several goodies from her. The Timpanogos Valley Theater is that ratty old building in Heber where we put on the Messiah a couple of years ago. It has lots of character. I’ve heard of their great productions, but this was the first time we’ve actually seen one. 
          My brother Charlie sent out an email saying that the big Allen family reunion will be Saturday, August 6. He hasn’t decided on a location yet, but is considering Hobble Creek, South Fork of Provo, or even Sugarhouse Park. I’ll let you know more when we find out. And don’t forget our own Ackerson family reunion, July 7-9, at Mantua. 
           So much fun! I love you all! Mom