Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dear Kids,
          I buried a cat, but it wasn’t Oreo. There hasn’t been any sign of him. Since he disappeared, though, we’ve looked closely at every dead cat on the side of the road. There was one down by the saw mill that caught our eye, and we went back to have another look. It was gray, not black and white, so we drove on. Two days later it was still there, and I couldn’t stand the fact that it wasn’t getting a decent burial. I was thinking about Oreo lying in a ditch somewhere. So we came back with a shovel, and took it home, and I dug a grave out by the playground. I didn’t have a size 14 shoe box for a coffin, and I didn’t play taps on the accordion, but at least it had a had a decent burial. I hope somebody does the same for Oreo if they find him.
           Friday I was putting up shelves in our new storage room downstairs, drilling holes into the wall on the other side of the bathroom. I was trying to only hit the studs, not the water lines. (The new plastic pex is a lot easier to drill into than the old copper pipes.) I thought I had done really well, but a couple of hours later I went back to admire my work and I noticed water on the floor. Dad cut out a large area of sheetrock and we found the leak. I remembered the same thing had happened to John, installing a swing in Julie’s room. So we called Dr. Ackerson. He came with his tool box, (in his Porsche, for extra speed) and he fixed it in about a minute. If he ever gets tired of being an eye doctor, he could make good money as a plumber.
           Pagie and Adelaide were onstage in "Sound of Music" yesterday, at the Spotlight Theater in Centerville. (It’s in a strip mall, next to the D.I.) It was lots of fun! Pagie and Addie were nuns, townspeople, party patrons, etc. There were lots of mishaps that made it even more entertaining. Liesel started coughing, and then disappeared from the show. A few scenes later a different Liesel appeared. At one point there was a loud pop, and the microphones went dead for a minute. Low budget kids’ productions are our new favorite entertainment. Watching the kids themselves have so much fun is the best part!
          Easter is in just two weeks, but I haven’t heard of any plan for an Easter Saturday picnic. Sometimes Nora plans it, but they’ll be in Maryland visiting Sharon. Maybe we can put something together anyway. I’ll ask around.
          Meanwhile, I hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it! Mom