Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dear Kids,
          I hope you’re all having a wonderful Easter today! We missed Nora’s family for our traditional Easter egg hunt yesterday, and I especially missed that Nora usually plans it. But it was baby Josh’s first Easter, and we had to have the hunt anyway. So we did it here at our house! There were just Donna’s kids, and Eli and Abi, and Josh, and Bentley supervising, but we had fun anyway. It was cold outside, but that didn’t stop anybody. Later on, Donna and Stefanie and I went to the women’s broadcast at our stake center, and the guys babysat at home. 
           Dad and I are speaking in church this morning. It’s an awesome responsibility, to speak on Easter Sunday, and I hope we can say the right things. I’ll be really happy when we’re done. And next weekend, of course, is conference. I’ll be hosting the Saturday night soup dinner at 5 pm, here at our house, before the Priesthood session. We’ll have ice cream here afterwards. Sunday lots of us will be watching conference at the cabin, and Donna mentioned that "the girls" would do Sunday dinner.
          Last Tuesday I had my tests at LDS hospital–the esophageal manometry and an esophagram. The first was the worst. They run a tube in your nose and down your throat, and you have to make a series of swallows to move it down. The other test was basically x-rays–they give you a drink that looks like wet plaster, and you chug it down, along with other concoctions, while they rotate you on a table and take pictures. I’m not at all sure that either test showed what’s wrong, though, because both the technicians told me the results looked good. Luckily, I’m seeing the doctor on Thursday. (I complained so loudly that they finally got me scheduled.) I’m hoping he can figure out what’s going on.
         Otherwise, I’m happy that it’s spring, and that it’s Easter. Love to you all!