Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dear Kids,
          The big event of the week, of course, was Bentley’s helicopter ride to PCMC early Monday morning. Dad and I didn’t know anything was going on until Allen walked into our bedroom about 1 am and told us Bentley was being life-flighted. (Our phones were off, so Tom had called him.) Luckily Allen, the cop, was very cool, and told us all what to do. I babysat the house and kids in Heber. Allen drove Tom to the hospital in Salt Lake (probably driving about 100, since they got there when the helicopter was landing.) (Kim was on the helicopter with Bentley.) Dad drove Tom’s car to Salt Lake and came back with Allen. It all worked out very smoothly. About 3 am Allen called me and said that Bentley had been stabilized, which was a huge relief. It turns out he’d had an ordinary cold virus along with a secondary bacterial infection (one of the staph family) and it all blew up very quickly. We’re very grateful for competent medical people and the blessings of the Lord. Bentley is making a terrific recovery. He came home from the hospital after only three days, and now he’s up and around a little bit. He only regrets that he doesn’t remember the helicopter ride.
          Other news . . . is there any other news, really? Oh, yes, of course, Macie’s wonderful baptism Friday night in Pocatello. Her cousin McKenna was being baptized, too, along with a Polynesian boy in their ward, so the chapel was filled. There was a great after-party at Vanessa’s, and Dad and I slept over, and drove home yesterday morning. In the afternoon we went to Emma’s production of "Dear Edwina" at the Timpanogos Valley Theater. We liked it a lot. Dad and I have become total theater patrons. Last week it was Wizard of Oz, yesterday Emma’s production, next Saturday Nora’s girls are onstage in Centerville, and the Saturday after we’re going to "Joseph" at the Hale Center Theater in Orem. What a life!
          Oh, and besides, I had a "scope" of my esophagus on Friday at LDS hospital. When I eat, I can swallow OK, but the food doesn’t seem to go down any time soon. Water "sticks" too, and even pepsi. Very weird. The camera showed that my esophagus is nice and healthy and pink, and nothing is obviously wrong. They did a biopsy, but they don’t expect it to show anything. I think an x-ray is next. I hope they can figure out what’s going on.
          Meanwhile, life is good. I love you all. Mom