Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dear Kids,
          The highlight of my week was a hike along the Jordanelle perimeter trail with Allen on Monday. I know I wasn’t up to speed, but he patiently walked at my pace. It was cool and pleasant. We went about four and a half miles before we turned back. We didn’t see much wildlife, except for deer carcasses and rabbit remains. Mostly the feet. Allen said that’s why a rabbit’s foot is lucky–it’s the only part that doesn’t get eaten.
          The rest of my week has been totally working in the basement. I’m madly trying to finish because our carpet should be here in a couple of days, and also so I can get outside and work in the yard. Now that the weather is nicer, I’m dying to rake rocks and spread more bark and plant more grass. And get more trees. I won’t let myself look at anything yet in the tree section of Home Depot. It would be too hard to walk away from them.
          Our big old Knabe piano took another trip this week–from Dave Michelson’s rental house on Longleaf Drive, (which he sold), to Donna’s house in Midway. I’m sure it won’t be there permanently, because Donna’s thinking of something different for her permanent piano, but it can stay there until either Sharon or Allen claims it. This is its fifth home since I bought it in 1983. Meanwhile, the bigger Clavinova came from Donna’s house back here. It has moved even more times. And the little Clavinova, which is also here, has lived in innumerable apartments and dorm rooms, besides taking a trip to Ohio while John and Heather lived there. Even my big piano is now at its third residence. Who knew pianos could travel so much?
         Thursday night, my brother Charley is having a siblings get-together to have us help him plan the summer reunion. (It’s scheduled for August 6th). I’m looking forward to seeing lots of my brothers and sisters, and especially Katie, who will be here. She’s coming to our house after that for a day or two, to visit. We'll probably spend  most of our time watching the horses. 
         I hope you’re all doing great! Dad and I are, too. Love, Mom