Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dear Kids,
          I’ve been looking at pictures of kittens on and the humane society and animal shelter web pages, but I haven’t seen anything promising yet. There are plenty of haggard older cats that need homes, but we’ve had those long enough. Xena’s sixteen now, and quite the old lady. She yowls at us every time we come into the garage. Maybe she’s saying she needs friends, or maybe she’s only complaining about her age. We can’t tell.
          On Monday I hiked on the Jordanelle perimeter trail with Allen, and we went all the way to the point, (11 miles round trip), which was a big deal for me, but not for Al, because he’d gone 20 miles the week before. He’s getting in shape for the long summer hikes he’s planning. He’s going to do the Highline Trail in the Uintas with Carson, and the Grand Canyon in the fall. He’s got a lot of great gear now, some of which gets delivered to our house, if the UPS and FedEx guys are too lazy to take it up to the cabin. I’m envious of the gear, and of his adventure plans.
          Yesterday afternoon Dad and I went to another Saturday afternoon musical: we watched Ellie in "Aristocats." It’s really a great show! Ellie played the part of "Madame," the owner of Duchess and her kittens. There was a lot of singing and dancing, and some very cute costumes. Remember, if any of your kids are in any theater productions, invite us! I love them all!
          I’ve been taking the medications for my esophagus, and I think it’s getting a little better. At least I’ve stopped losing weight. I’m hoping to eat more normally sometime in the future. If I could eat ice cream again, I think my life would be perfect. 
          We were really enjoying spring, but then winter came back. It was snowing yesterday afternoon. I’d like to be out working in the yard, but there’s still plenty to do in the basement. Life is full of fun projects!
          Love to all! Mom