Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dear Kids,
          I’m still plugging away in the basement, finishing the moldings. They’re taking me forever. Dad has been installing the doorknobs, which is a tricky business, besides pulling off the pieces of molding that I’ve done wrong, and pulling out the nails, so I can try again. Good thing I’m using paintable molding. I’ve had to patch lots of holes. 
          The highlight of my week was meeting with my brothers and sisters at Bonnie’s house to plan the big Allen family reunion. Basically it’s going to be like the others, probably at the same park, but with more planned activities, especially games. Charley’s in charge, but he gave us all assignments. It will be on August 6th. (And don’t forget our own Ackerson reunion at Mantua campground on July 7-9.) While we were at Bonnie’s house, Morgan opened his mission call, with all his friends there. He’s going to the Texas Houston South mission, leaving July 27. It’s amazing that such young kids are going on missions! Charley’s two grandsons, Sam and Scott, have their calls. I think Sam is going to Ecuador, and Scott is going to my old mission, Germany Frankfurt. Whoa. 
          Katie’s been here from Boise for a few days, for the planning meeting, and for the bridal shower for Maddie. She and Jane and I went to lunch on Thursday, at the Wasatch Back Grill in Heber, by John’s office. Then we came here to our house, and watched the horses. It was snowing, and the horses ran around a little bit, which delighted Katie. By the way, Those horses have gotten really lazy! Last Sunday, while Allen and his kids were here, Ellie and I took some pieces of apples out to them. They wouldn’t even come! They have feed buckets over by their barn, which are probably full of treats. 
           Allen and his kids have been coming to our ward for the last few weeks, which has been really fun. Ellie went to Young Women for the first time last week, since she had just barely turned 12. She said people are really welcoming here, but she misses her friends in her home ward. Allen’s schedule will be changing the first of May, so they won’t be here on Sundays any more, and we’ll really miss them.
          I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying life! Love, Mom