Sunday, January 8, 2017

Dear Kids,
          We finally have snow! Lots of it! There’s probably a foot and a half on the ground now, with more on the way. And it’s been cold--Friday morning it was 17 below. In honor of the cold, John threw an ice cream party Friday night. There was hot chocolate (to warm us up before the ice cream,) and billiards, and we watched the first "Star Wars" movie (in honor of Carrie Fisher). Then we ate lots and lots of ice cream. John had to buy five cartons at Smiths, because they were on sale, five for ten dollars. He saved money that way. Anyway, it was great fun. Thanks, John!
         When Dad and I go to IKEA (seldom) we never run into anybody we know, because the shoppers are all so incredibly young. They all look like teenage couples! How surprised was I to see Nora there on Monday morning! She was checking her kids into the play yard, before she started shopping. We would have visited longer, but Dad was just hauling out a "TV unit" we’d bought for our basement family room. So I handed off the pack of sweet rolls I’d bought on impulse, after I took out one for Dad. I didn’t need them! We’ve been living on holiday goodies for weeks now, and it’s time for a change. Anyway, it was great seeing Nora and all her kids.
           I made a nice new centerpiece for our dining room table out of a basket from the DI and some fake ivy. Then I put in some little fake birds, made out of styrofoam and real feathers. It looked really cute, until Tina destroyed it. And killed one of the birds. I found it on the floor, full of bite marks, with ivy strewn around it. A very sad sight. I was able to put it all back together, but the bird sure doesn’t look the same. Tina’s not allowed anywhere except in our bedroom now, at night, when we’re watching TV. I carry her in with welding gloves that Dad bought, so she can’t scratch me with her awful back claws. I’m reminded of what Tom asked when he was a very little kid: "What are cats FOR?"
         The fun goes on and on. I love you all! Mom