Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dear Kids,
           Last week I wrote about our wonderful, deep snow. But then it rained, and most of it melted, leaving a soggy mess. But then we had the most fabulous snowstorm ever, since we’ve moved here! From Tuesday night until Wednesday noon, we got a whopping two feet! It was a chore, digging out our car, because we needed to go to piano class Wednesday afternoon, but I almost didn’t mind, the snow was so beautiful. I did some of the digging, and Dad did a lot, and then our neighbor, Spencer, came over with his snowblower and did the rest. Meanwhile, at the cabin . . . well, I guess you saw the picture Allen posted. But there’s no stopping the cabin fun! Tom had a youth group there, on Wednesday night I think, and they dug out the fire pit and made a bonfire. John had his scouts there Friday night, and they had a great time sledding. In fact, they sneaked out at 1:30 am and were back on the hill, whooping it up. There was a full moon, John said, and it was as bright as day.
            Blackhawk helicopters have been flying over our house every day, north towards the mountains, and then back again. Maybe they’re training for a mission in the arctic! The horses in the field behind us absolutely hate them. They leap into the air and then and start racing whenever the helicopters go over.
            A week or so ago, Dad and I sorted all our tools, and we set aside the duplicates. They’re spread out on the garage floor: screwdrivers, files, wrenches–all kinds of things. It’s first come, first served, for anyone who would like to have any of them.
          I checked with John about the dates for the family reunion, because some of you have been wondering. It will be August 9-12 (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights) at Bear Lake, the same campground we had in 2012. I’m sure it will be a riot of fun.
           Love to all, Mom