Sunday, January 22, 2017

Dear Kids,
          Our snow hasn’t melted, but it’s compacted down about a foot. We had a few more inches yesterday morning, and there’s supposed to be more this afternoon and Monday. Otherwise, nothing exciting is going on here. Usually I have big building projects in January. Last year we were finishing the basement, and I was in a state of constant excitement. The year before we were getting new cabinets in the big bathroom and our office. The year before that, we had just moved in, and I was building miles of shelves for the library. But this year? I still have projects, but they aren’t very exciting. Shelves for the basement closets. Molding I never finished. Very dull. So I stand at the window and look out at the snow.
          Friday afternoon, though, there was a window of sunshine, so I went hiking at the Jordanelle. (Dad doesn’t come with me on those hikes–he prefers the treadmill at the fitness center.) My duck-hunting boots kept my feet dry, and the trail belonged to me! There was a small path tromped down in the center that I could sort of follow. I think it was mostly made by deer. But the sun was brilliant, and the sky was blue. Down on the reservoir, there were ice fishermen and snowmobilers. Other than that, it was just me and the snow. By the way, if any of you get in the mood for a winter hike, come and do that trail with me! There’s no place more beautiful, anywhere!
         This morning I’ll be teaching Gospel Doctrine in Sunday School. Since I was "nudged out" of Primary, that’s been my new calling. I love it. I only teach once every three weeks, because I rotate with two other teachers, but it always gives me a big high. The course for this year is the D&C and church history, but this morning the lesson is on the Book of Mormon. I want to get the people in my class to tell us the stories of how it has changed their lives. I ‘m sure they’ll come through!
          Love to all, Mom