Sunday, March 19, 2017

Dear Kids,
          Monica and Neil and Jackson flew into Salt Lake yesterday, and they came by Donna’s house to pick up camping gear so they could head south. Dad happened to be there helping Donna install a faucet, so he got to see them, and he took a picture of himself with Jackson. The rest of us will see them next Saturday, at the party at John and Heather’s. It starts at 3:00, and if you don’t have a food assignment yet, call Heather. It’s going to be great fun, like always, whenever we get together!
          Dad and I drove to Pocatello Tuesday afternoon so I could go to Vanessa’s book club. They were discussing War and Peace. They’ve been meeting for ten years now, and they only read classics. (How I wish there were a group like that here in Kamas Valley! I put a suggestion on facebook a couple of years ago, and didn’t get a single response!) The discussion was great! I wish I could go every month. Dad and I stayed over, and had a good visit with Vanessa’s family. We were dizzy at their comings and goings, though. Sterling had drivers ed. Sarah had volleyball. Macie had dance. Vanessa had just come back from the temple, and she had an appointment to get her eyebrows waxed, so I went along to watch. It was fascinating. Vanessa said they normally have a lot more on Tuesday evenings, including piano lessons and activity days, but they’d been cancelled. I wonder at her stamina! Anyway, we had a wonderful visit, and she fed us very well.
           Xena, our poor zombie cat, is still dragging herself through each day. She’s 17 now. I think she’s completely deaf, and I wondered if she were blind, too, so I had John examine her eyes. He used a small flashlight to look into them, and he said she has extensive cataracts, so she probably doesn’t see much. I keep wondering when she’ll make her journey to the Heavyside Layer, but she’s still hanging on. Her life must still be worth living.
          My life, meanwhile, is wonderful, especially because of all you kids and your families! I love you all.