Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dear Kids,
          Thanks to John and Heather for hosting the party last night! It was really a blast. We all enjoyed visiting with Monica and Neil and Jackie. And then, of course, we all had fun talking to each other. And the food was fabulous! Thanks to everyone for the good things you brought! Nearly all our family was there–we were only missing Sharon’s family (distance!) And Vanessa’s family (Disneyland trip) and James, who was home wiring their basement. Go, James! It’s a huge job, and he thinks it will still take him eight more Saturdays. But he’s saving $4,000. Meanwhile, back at the party, there was no stopping the food and the fun.
           Next week it’s General Conference, but I have a different plan this time around. Since Nora’s and John’s families will be out of town, and Kim will definitely have a new baby by then (it looks like he could come any minute) we won’t have our usual Café Rio dinner at the cabin on Sunday. Saturday night I’ll host my usual soup dinner at 5:00, for anybody who wants to come, and the guys can go to the priesthood session after that. Then we’ll have ice cream here afterwards. That’s the only plan I’ve made. Meanwhile, we’re all anxiously waiting for that new baby!
          Easter’s in three weeks, and Nora has already volunteered to host the Saturday picnic at her house. I’m sure we’ll have the Easter egg hunt across the street in the park. We’ll give out food assignments when it gets closer.
          Meanwhile, my life is totally taken up with digging in the yard and teaching my piano classes. Dad goes walking at the gym, talks to his friends at the coffee club, repairs my wheelbarrows, and overindulges the cats. Life is good.
          Love, Mom