Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dear Kids,
          I didn’t write a letter last Sunday because we stayed over at McGettigans (who live at Thanksgiving Point now) on Saturday night. They had a party for lots of old friends from the 5th Ward area, so we had a lot of fun talking to the Fultons, Parkers, (Heath is a bishop!) the Newtons (Kenny’s older brother, Brent, and his wife, Cathy) and various other great people we’ve known for years. I didn’t want to drive home late, so we stayed over in their guest room, and came back early Sunday. We drove directly to Elk Meadows, the care center in our stake, where we were scheduled to help out with the music. From there we went right to Church. When we finally got home we’d been on the road for more than 24 hours, (we’d started out Saturday at noon with a trip to the Provo Temple,) so I took a nap instead of writing my letter. I didn’t have any news, anyway.
          But now, I’ve got to mention all the fun things coming up. Monica and Neil and Jackson will be here on Saturday, the 25th, (less than three weeks) and the party will be at John’s house. I’ll let you know the exact time, and what to bring, in my next letter. Conference is the weekend after that, but I’m not sure of our plans, because Nora’s family will be on a cruise, and Tom’s family will probably have a brand new baby. Easter is late this year, the middle of April, and Nora has already volunteered to host the picnic and Easter egg hunt. That will be on Saturday, April 15.
          Besides all the fun things coming up, we just finished a crazy weekend. Thursday night we drove to Centerville to see Paige’s musical, Mulan. (Paige herself was Mulan’s mother, and she wore a black wig. She was really cute.) We slept over at Nora’s that night. (Not in the basement quarters–it’s not that far along yet. James is working on the wiring now.) We drove home Friday morning, in time to help with the music at a funeral in our ward. (The old people have been dropping like flies. It’s been a long, cold, winter.) Friday night Donna’s bunko group had a cabin party, so the displaced people stayed over here: Bevan and the kids, along with Allen and Carson and Ellie. That was lots of fun. Last night was an ice cream party at John’s, and we watched a Jason Hewitt video. The fun goes on and on.
          It’s starting to feel like spring. Yes, there’s a storm coming in today, with 100% chance of snow by tonight, and more storms after that, lined up on like little soldiers, but you can definitely tell spring is coming. And we’re so ready!
          Love to everybody! Mom