Sunday, August 12, 2018

Dear Kids,
         Who can keep track of all the fun we’ve had the last couple of weeks: the Allen family reunion, and Lucy’s baptism, and Josh’s birthday party, and then the marvelous Ackerson family reunion at Pine View.  Tom commented that it was the most fun we’ve ever had, and I agree.  Until next year.  Tom said the fun keeps escalating because the kids are getting bigger and more adventurous.  Probably true. 
         This afternoon we had Tour of Utah come right past our house, twice.  Usually they go down Highway 32, on their way to Heber or Midway, but this is the first time they’ve actually come past our house along Hilltop Road. They came the back way, from Democrat Alley to Lambert Lane and Hallam Road, and I didn’t see how they could keep from crashing on those 90 degree turns. (Or running over cats.  Or chickens.  Or cows.) I was talking to the marshal assigned to stand out on our corner, before the cyclists came by, and I asked him how they were going to do those turns.  He said most of these guys have cycled all over Europe, and they’re used to narrow roads and hairpin turns.  He was really nice,  and he knew almost exactly when they’d come by.  Tom’s family was here–barely.  As they were driving up the hill to Francis, just before they came to the hairpin turn, a truck pulled out in front of them and stopped all the traffic.  So they did a U-turn and went down to Lower River Road, went around and up the dugway, and through Francis, and around to our house.  I was glad they made it. Sharon and her kids were here too, and Mandy and her kids.  It was pretty exciting when the pack of cyclists finally came by.  Lots of cops on motorcycles, flashing their lights and blaring their sirens, and lots of police and highway patrol cars.  Then the bikes, all in a group.  Then the chase cars with all the extra bikes on their roofs.  Then two ambulances.  When the whole pack had gone by, we went inside for lunch, and just half an hour later, they were back again, going the other way.  By then they had split into groups.  It was still exciting.  You could tell how fast the cyclists were going because the chase cars were speeding to keep up, way faster than we ever drive along Hilltop.  Then they were gone.  It was lots of fun.  I hope they come by here again next year.
          Sharon has been using our house as her base of adventure the last couple of weeks, but we haven’t even tried to keep up with all her doings.  She says she has to pack in all the fun she can while they’re in Utah, to make it worth the trip.  Last night she and her friends Holly and Tim and all their kids went to the cabin for an overnighter. So it’s been spookily quiet here.  Tina came out of hiding and graced us with her company.  She wants us to have a normal schedule agian, but it’s going to be dang boring.
         Love to everybody, Mom