Sunday, August 19, 2018

Dear Kids,
         The fun is mostly over, and Sharon and her kids have gone home.  The house seems terribly empty, with just Dad, myself, and Tina.  But I’m looking back fondly over everything that happened in the last three weeks: the Allen reunion, Lucy’s baptism, the party at Paul’s, the family reunion, Tour of Utah . . . it was all great.  So it’s been hard getting back to everyday life.  Yesterday afternoon I was feeling so let down and starved for adventure that Dad and I drove up to Mirror Lake.  The whole world is up there!  Literally.  We walked around the lake, and we passed people of every possible color and nationality.  And the scenery was so beautiful, we kept stopping just to look around at where we were.  Life can never be boring, when you live so close to the mountains.
         I know how well I’m doing physically since I could walk all the way around that lake (2.8 miles) after a morning of working in the yard.  Just two weeks ago I wasn’t able to hike to the top of the mountain at Snowbasin, with all you kids, but I bet I could do it now!  Some Saturday afternoon this fall I want to drive back there with Dad, ride the gondola again, and then climb to the top.  Anybody want to come along?
         I’ve gradually transitioned back to going to church in our own ward, but I still miss the Spanish branch terribly.  There’s a big hole in my heart.  Still, I’m getting with the program again.  I play the organ once or twice a month, and last week I taught Gospel Doctrine again.  Dad, who is still Sunday School president, wants me to switch to teaching Gospel Essentials, so I’ll start that next week.  There are such wonderful people in our ward, and they’re so kind to me!  So many people have told me how glad they are that I’ve recovered from my cancer, and that I’m back in church.  So many of them fasted and prayed for me, and for the others who were sick at the same time.  It feels really good to be there again.
         I guess all your lives are settling down, too.  I know most of the grandkids will be back in school this week.  Julie is all settled in a new apartment, and I think her classes have already started.  Fall is coming on, and more adventure will come our way!
         Lots of love, Mom