Sunday, September 8, 2019

Dear Kids,
         Last weekend was jam-packed, and now things are dull here again.  But it was fun while it lasted.  It was great to see so many of you at Tyler’s baby blessing, and Tom and Kim were great hosts for the lunch at their house.  I didn’t get to talk to everybody, because the time went by so fast.  It was amazing to hear that Karl Bentley has gone hunting with Ty Detmer on his ranch three times!  He said Ty is a lot of fun.
         As we were coming home from Heber, the McGettigans were right behind us.  They come here about once a year, usually on Labor Day weekend, for the rodeo.  That wasn’t until Monday afternoon, so we had lots of time to hang out.  Jana was looking for old cars with broken glass and rust, so she could photograph them and use an enhancement program that makes them look really cool.  I was sure we could find some, and we did.  The rodeo  was pretty cool, but I decided I don’t enjoy the bull riding that much.  Everybody falls off in the first second or two.  But the music is great, and it’s fun to watch the locals.  (Dad and I aren’t locals yet.  Dad’s belt buckles aren’t big enough.)
         Some of you might have heard that Aaron’s wonderful cat Poseidon was run over  on 1200 South, behind their house.  Poseidon was coming back from hunting, and he even had a mouse! (Heather found it near the body.)(Dad hoped they buried the mouse with him.) Poseidon lived to hunt, so it wasn’t if, but when he would get hit.  I always put our kitties out the back door, so they’ll run to the pasture to hunt, and not cross the street.  Scout, that mouse-killing machine, brings live mice to the back lawn so he can show off while he tortures them. Sonia brings grasshoppers.  They’re little bitty things–just a mouthful. 
         Julie has been taking a piano tuning course, and she came to our house to work on ours Thursday night, just ahead of the piano tuner who was coming the next morning.  She was really tired, though, after teaching 11 piano students in a row, so she only did a little bit and went home again.  She came back the next morning to watch our tuner, Ron Jensen.  They chatted about the ins and outs of piano tuning while Ron worked.  Julie was told she has to tune 100 pianos before she can start charging, and I’m sure she’d like to work on any of yours! Just call or text her. 
         Conference is coming up in four weeks!  That’s the only event on our calendar, except for my doctor visits.
         Lots of love, Mom