Sunday, September 22, 2019

Dear Kids,
         Two weeks until conference!  We’ll have our usual Saturday night bread and soup dinner here at 5 pm.  Then the ladies and girls will go to the women’s session of conference while the guys and little kids hang out.  We’ll have ice cream with brownies afterwards.  I can’t eat any of that stuff, but I don’t mind fixing it because it’s so much fun to have people come here.  I don’t know if any of you want to have a dinner between the sessions on Sunday, so I’ll call around and find out.  I fondly remember the times we watched conference at the cabin, and had Café Rio there, but the cabin isn’t up for it yet.  But at least it’s being worked on!  The outside is nearly finished, with all the siding on, and the contractor was building the deck the last time Dad went to inspect.  The inside hasn’t been started yet.  There has to be new sheetrock, and then painting, and then carpeting. I hope our contractor will keep working on it, and not go off on other jobs. 
         I’ve been using every spare minute I can get outside to work on my sprinkler project.  I’m hoping to finish it before it gets too cold, but old man winter seems to be coming fast. It freezes almost every night, and the storm we had Thursday night left snow in the Uintahs and on Timpanogos.  So I’m digging trenches and gluing pipe and putting on sprinkler heads as fast as I can.  Kitties help, of course.  They inspect my trenches by running through them.  Mouse killing doesn’t excite Scout so much now, since the cold weather has driven the mice underground.  Sonia can’t jump for grasshoppers, because they’ve all died.
         Tomorrow I’m having my CT scan and MRI.  I have to drink dye before each test, and I’m hoping it doesn’t make me sick. Otherwise, I’m not scared of the tests–just a little fearful about the results.  I’ll know about my hip when I see my orthopedic doctor on October 1st, and I’ll know about my lung when I see my oncologist on the 10th.  Hopefully there won’t be cancer in either place, but I’d like to know why my hip hurts so much when I walk.  If I’m lucky it will be something simple and easy to cure.
         I’m getting together with my sisters next weekend, but I probably won’t have any gossip to pass on, because all our children are settled in their lives now.  There just isn’t much drama any more!  Maybe Bonnie will bring bags of her cast-off clothes and then you girls can have fun going through them.
         Lots of love, Mom