Sunday, September 1, 2019

Dear Kids,
         If you’re coming to Tyler’s baby blessing at noon today, the address and details are in my letter from last week.  Be there or be square!  I just love these big family events.  I asked Ali and Emma what Tyler was going to wear, and then we started reminiscing about Blake’s blessing, and his famous blowout just minutes before he was blessed.  He ended up getting blessed in a onesie. Whatever happens today, it will be a wonderful event.
         In my letter last week I was bellyaching about all my medical troubles. Then, Monday morning, I woke up with a rip roaring toothache, or rather, the toothache woke me up, at 3 am.   At 8 I called Dr. Condie’s office and got a same-day appointment, and naturally I had to have a root canal.  I’ve had them before, and I always got through them with percoset.  But that’s something I can’t take any more, since my colon surgery–no hard drugs at all! Period. So I doubled up on my Tramadol, the same drug I overdosed on a few weeks back, and I would have overdosed again but it can lead to having a seizure.  So I just suffered through it.  Now it’s been almost a week, and it only hurts a little bit.  I sure feel sorry for the pioneers! Their old people were often toothless, and every single lost tooth probably cost them horrible pain.  My sister Katie said somebody really messed up when humans were designed with teeth. 
         In spite of my sore jaw and my two sore legs, I’m working in the yard yet again.  I get out to my work place with my cane, and then I use the wheelbarrow like a walker.  A rake can be a makeshift cane, if you hold it upside down.  Ditto with a shovel.  The kitties supervise me, and when I jump at them and say “rah!” they run out to the pasture.   I was trying to decide how to adjust our sprinklers, because they don’t cover the yard evenly.  I started to replace our Rainbird rotors with Orbit, but they don’t put out as much water, making it even worse.  Then I took a good look at where my sprinkler heads are, and decided I need to totally re-do everything.  Besides that, I’d already decided to re-plant our lawn with different seed, because I don’t like the stuff I’ve got.  So I sprayed the entire lawn with Roundup (except for the part I just planted,) and now anything I do will be an improvement.  Anyway, it gets my mind off my medical troubles.
         Hoping to see most of you later today–with love, Mom