Saturday, April 18, 2020

Dear Kids,
        I’m dating this letter for Sunday, but right now, while I’m typing it, it’s really Saturday morning.  Dad and I are leaving for Idaho in an hour or so, so I want to post something before we leave.  We’re going to Pocatello, since we haven’t been there for a year and a half, and besides, I need to go SOMEWHERE or bust or go totally crazy. Life is full of risks, and the curve is flattening in Utah and Idaho, and I’ve been pretty nonchalant about the virus anyway.  So I’m pretty excited to go.  Dad, too.  Normally when we visit Vanessa’s family they’re running every which way to their activities, and we don’t see as much of them as I’d like, so this seems like a good time to really visit.   Besides, I’m in between chemo rounds, and feeling pretty good.  The stars are totally lined up for this trip.
        What else?  Last night, Dad and I had just left John’s house, after picking up my new driving glasses.  We always drive up to Red Ledges and then down into Heber on Center Street.  We were coming down the hill when we saw a big group of people walking along the side of the road.   When we got closer I recognized Tom, and we realized this big group was just his family, out for a walk.  I know there are nine of them now, but we don’t usually see them all together walking down the road.  Of course we stopped to talk (social distancing, of course) and catch up a little.  We normally see them practically every Sunday night, but it’s been at least a month now.  Tom has more of a beard than before, and Eli’s hair is longer.  Hopefully, as things start opening up, we can gradually be more social.
        Gary and Carly Allen’s little boy, Lennox, has been fighting brain cancer, as most of you know.  He was  in remission for a while, but now the cancer is back with a vengeance, and he won’t live much longer.  Andy and Renae have flown to Florida to be with them.  I haven’t heard anything for a couple of weeks, but I’ll let you know when he passes away.  We know where he’s going, and how glorious it is, but it’s still hard for everybody.  Seeing his struggle reminds me how quickly cancer can come roaring back, and I’m appreciating every day I have.  Hopefully I have years left, but every day is still important to me.  I’m so grateful to be part of such a huge, loving family.
        Life is good!  I hope you’re all having great spring weather!
        Love, Mom