Sunday, April 26, 2020

Dear Kids,
        Of course the top news story of the week is Bentley’s mission call to the Philippine Cibu mission.  The letter said he should report to the MTC in Provo on July 15, but I imagine that could be adjusted depending on circumstances.  Tom says that missionaries getting calls can defer their starting date for up to a year, but Bentley wants to go right away.  He’ll be learning Cebuano, which, of course, none of us had ever heard of until this week.  Tom says there are 23 missions in the Philippines, and lots of different languages.  Bentley’s in for a great adventure!
        Dad and I had a great time in Pocatello last weekend, “sheltering in place” with Vanessa’s family.  We went on walks, worked puzzles, and talked a lot.  Sunday afternoon we had the sacrament, conducted by Sterling.  Then Trent gave a really good “Come Follow Me” lesson about King Benjamin.  After that we went on another walk, and then we drove up to the site of the new Pocatello temple.  It’s high on the hill, north of Vanessa’s house, and it’s going to be absolutely beautiful.  You can see that now.  It will be a great change for Trent and Vanessa to drive just a few minutes to the temple, instead of all the way to Idaho Falls.  I envy them.  We have to drive at least an hour to any temple.  I sure would like one in Heber or Midway or even Kamas.  Or anywhere close, where the air is clean.  My lungs pay a price every time we drive down the canyon.
        I’ve been inspired by Nora’s long eyelashes, which almost look fake, but are very real.  She uses the glaucoma drops to make them grow, and Double Extend mascara by L’Oreal to make them look thick.  My lashes have really taken a hit from radiation and chemo, so I wanted to try the same things.  The glaucoma drops worked fine on my lashes, but my eyes watered all the time, so I gave that up.  The Double Extend mascara looked really good, but it made my eyes itch.  So my whole plan was a failure.  The point of all this is that I want to ask all you daughters and daughters-in-law, what’s a good mascara?  I’ve been using Maybelline Great Lash for years, but maybe there’s something better?
        Meanwhile, life stretches on for all of us.  I pray that we’ll get back to normal sometime soon.
        Love, Mom