Sunday, April 5, 2020

Dear Kids,
        Naturally the biggest and best news of the week is Sharon’s acceptance to the University of Maryland’s school of nursing.  We couldn’t be happier.  They’re one of the premier nursing programs in the nation, and Sharon will have very good job prospects when she finishes.  Dad never doubted that she would be accepted, but I thought the competition might be really tough.  Sharon said having a bachelor’s degree already probably helped her, and I think her good grades played a part.  Anyway, we’re very proud of her and we know she’ll do well.
        I guess you’re all having the same challenges with “staying home, staying safe” that Dad and I are feeling.  It’s hard to be home so much!  Luckily I’m well enough that we can  go on walks together, and we have plenty to do at the cabin.  The worst thing is not seeing much of you kids.  I can hardly remember what Tom’s family looks like!  (They’ve been the most diligent about isolating themselves.)  Monica wrote this: We are doing OK.  We’ve been working from home for almost 3 weeks.  Jackie really misses his friends but this virus is so contagious that I would feel horrible if we accidentally passed it along to anyone or got it ourselves. 
        I think that pretty well expresses how we all feel. Dad and I have been to Walmart a few times for groceries, and it’s probably just as safe there as at home, especially early in the morning.  The place is practically vacant.
        One good thing: with our extra time, we’ve been moving ahead faster with cabin projects, and we actually finished putting together the bunkbeds!  I didn’t think that would ever happen, since we kept running out of bolts and nuts, which were both practically impossible to find.  But the bunkbeds are all set up, and hopefully they’ll stay that way for a very long time.
        Our kitties have been going crazy, just like us.  Sonia still digs holes in the toilet paper, and if I try to sew, she attacks my patterns and shreds them.  One of my pajama top  patterns is totally missing.  Could she have eaten it?  Scout walks through the house meowing, for no reason at all.   We had snow every day for three weeks, but spring might finally be here!  It’s supposed to be in the 50's for the next two or three days.  Yay!
        Lots of love, Mom