Sunday, May 31, 2020

Dear Kids,
        The fun continues!  We’re delighted to have Sharon here for a couple of days.  She collected enough points from Southwest lowering their prices (after tickets are purchased) to fly here for free.  If you haven’t seen her yet, it’s because her schedule has been crazy.  She’ll be at the party at Nora’s this afternoon, so you can talk to her then, if you haven’t so far.   The party starts at 4:00, and it’s to honor this year’s high school graduates: Adelaide, Carson, Jacob, and Bentley. 
        Next Sunday is the baby blessing for Chloe in Paul’s back yard at 4:00. It’s potluck, so the food selection should be good.  Remember, if you want to hold the baby, or if you plan to be in the circle, you’ll need to wear a mask. Last Monday, just before the Memorial Day barbecue, Dad and I drove to Daniels Summit to pick up Matthew, since the Thackers were bringing him from the other side of the mountain.  He seemed like he’d had a good time at the farm.  He helped water, and  he drove the tractor to “drag” the pasture (spread the cows’ manure).  He got to drive the 4-wheeler and the Thackers’ RTV, too.  Farm kids know how to drive everything!  And we can consider Matthew a farm kid now. 
        Later in the week, I think it was Thursday, Nora called to see if Adelaide could bring some of the kids to hang out at our house for a while.  Of course we said yes.  Our house is very quiet most of the time, and it was fun having a lot of extra people, at least for a little while.  Our house doesn’t have any really exciting things to do, but at least they’re different than the things the Mairs have: puzzles, games, movies–they’re all different here.  Adelaide had a tote full of school lunches, too, which they’d picked up on the way.  Interesting stuff!
        I finally planted the lawn I’ve been working on for so long.  I didn’t turn on the watering system, though, since the wind has been blowing like crazy for the last two days.  But I’m going to flip the switch today, and wind or not, my seeds will get watered. In a couple of weeks, it will start looking green.  I know everybody else uses sod, but I love planting grass.  And it’s cheaper.
        Life is wonderful!  I love you all!  Mom