Sunday, August 30, 2020

Dear Kids,

        For those of you who might be coming to visit tonight, Dad and I will be gone part of the time.  Some of you kids knew Marc Hermansen in our ward; he was bishop when Dad and I moved in.  He died suddenly last Monday morning, and we’ll be going to the viewing tonight.  It’s outside of our church from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.  We’ll probably be going at 5:30.  If you’re here at our house, just carry on.  If you remember Mark and you want to come, that would be nice.  He was doing chemo for esophageal cancer, which he came down with just before I was diagnosed, so we were always interested in each others’ progress.  He had a few days when he felt OK, so he flew to Seattle to work.  He sold firefighters’ breathing masks.  Anyway, he wasn’t feeling very well, so his wife, Jan, flew up there to check on him.  Monday morning he died of a massive heart attack.  It’s awful for his family, but at least he won’t have to die of cancer, or do any more chemo.  

        There are two rabbits who have taken up residence outside of our cabin, and they’re always sitting on the driveway when we pull in.  I wonder–do they sit there all the time, 24-7, until we come by?  When our car gets close to them they dash away in terror.  The looks on their faces remind us of our cats.  Their fur will turn white when winter comes. Others in the family have christened them the “weir rabbits.” But they’ve never sat on the driveway before, waiting for us.  Donna’s kids have chased them, and then the rabbits turn around and chase the kids.  “Weird rabbits” is what they really are.

        Also, there are enormous flocks of sandhill cranes now.  I remember when I saw my first ones, and I was awestruck.  That was about 15 years ago.  They’ve obviously multiplied really well.  I hope they don’t get annoying, like the magpies!

        Labor Day is a week from tomorrow.  Is anybody planning anything?  Paul and Stefanie and their kids will be at the cabin.

        As you can see, I don’t have much news this week, but I love you all.