Sunday, February 14, 2021

 Dear Kids,

Dad and I have been VACCINATED!  On Tuesday, after all the scheduling hassle, we received a call from the Summit County health department saying we could come in the next day, if we wanted too.  Yeah, and VAMS had scheduled Dad five weeks away!  We drove to the film studio,  at the junction of Highway 40 and the Park City turnoff.  It was really cool–we got to drive right into the building, inside a huge garage, and we didn’t even get out of the car.  They swarmed all over us, got our insurance and i.d., swabbed us down, and vaccinated us, all in about 2 minutes.  We were really impressed with how efficient they are.  Afterwards we had to wait 15 minutes in a parking spot outside, to make sure we didn’t have any bad effects, and then we drove off home.  Oh, yeah, and we’re scheduled to come back March 10 for our second dose.  It’s the Moderna vaccine, and you have to wait four weeks.  Evidently all the 70+ seniors in the county are being called,  because the government scheduling site is so deficient.  I’m glad they’ve figured out a better way!

Most of you have probably heard that Aunt Jeanne has a cancerous lump in her breast.  She’s scheduled to have it taken out later this month, and she might have to have radiation, too.  They caught it early, so we hope there won’t be any serious complications.  You’ll want to remember her in your prayers.  

And my medical problems go on and on.  I’ve had a pain in the side of my face for three or four weeks, and I didn’t know if it was a sinus infection or TMJ or mouth sores.  Last Sunday morning the crown on my 1st bicuspid fell out.  It turns out the roots were infected, which pushed the tooth in and out until it gave way.  Dr. Condie had to extract the rest of it, so it really hurts now.  He put in a temporary bridge, and I’ll get a permanent one in six weeks, after it all heals.  Hey, it’s only money.  And pain.  The story of my life.

Along with lots of fun.  Our next Super Sunday potluck will be at Nora’s on February 28.  Normally it would have been at John’s, but Heather’s not up for it yet.  She never got rid of the pain from her disc surgery, probably because they injured her esophagus, and she’s still dealing with that.  Dang medical stuff!  One of these days I’ll write a letter with no medical news at all.  I can’t wait.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Valentines Day!  Lots of love, Mom