Sunday, February 7, 2021

 Dear Kids, 

Last week I threw out the idea of rotating houses for our “Super Sunday” potluck each month.  Everybody I talked to was in favor of it!  It will make our get-togethers more interesting, and start a good tradition.  Almost everybody agreed that the fourth Sunday of the month would work out OK, and we can rotate houses according to age.  Dad and I have had our turn, so then John, then Nora, and then Tom.  I wish we could all drive to Pocatello to meet at Vanessa’s, but that’s probably a little bit far.  Allen said we could have a poolside Sunday party at his place, if it were during the summer.  I said that sounded great.  Then he said, “Well, is it OK with you, then, if we swim on Sunday?” or something like that.  Of course it’s not OK with me.  Allen knows that.  (Remember all the hassle with Paxmans’ pool and their Sunday invitations?) Anyway, I think it would be fun to meet at Al’s in the summer, outside, wherever.   When it’s your turn, don’t think you have to fix a main dish.  Let’s be totally potluck.  It’ll be more relaxed that way.  Our next Super Sunday would be February 28, and John said we could probably meet at his house.  Heather’s supposed to be vaccinated by then, and she’ll be more comfortable with visitors.  If that doesn’t work out, Nora is glad to be the February hostess. I’ll let you know.

Speaking of vaccinations, Dad and I have gone through plenty of hassle trying to get scheduled.  I had an email a few days ago that said I could schedule, because I’m in a priority group, but it wasn’t clear how to do it.  I made a lot of phone calls and talked to a lot of people who didn’t know much.  One lady admitted that Summit County is a big mess.  The email I got was from VAMS, a government vaccination outfit, which is really screwy.  John said Wasatch County dropped VAMS and they just call people to schedule them.  After a lot of aggravation I went back over the email and found a link to something else.  It was to create a profile, which was incredibly complicated.  Then it finally let me schedule, but that wasn’t very clear, either.  It said there was no place within 100 miles where I could go, but within 50 miles I could go to the film studio.  Hello?  Long story short, I’m scheduled for my first vaccination on February 26.  Hopefully Dad won’t be too far behind me.  

Scout has figured out how to get into the cupboards in our bedroom, but he can’t get out again, so he bangs and clatters in there until we open the door.  Funny thing is, it’s hard to get in.  He has to lie on his back and pull open a door and slide in.  (These are the lower cupboards.) To get out, he would only have to throw his bulk against the door, but he never thinks of that.  I’ll be glad when spring comes and he can go outside mousing again.  It’s tiresome having him inside.

It’s tiresome having me inside.  Unfortunately, spring is a long way off.  

Lots of love, Mom