Sunday, February 21, 2021

 Dear Kids,

A week from today it’s Super Sunday at Nora’s house at 3 pm.  Bring whatever potluck item you like, and plan on having a blast.  I hope this will be the first of many Super Sundays at your houses, at least those of you who can accommodate a crowd.  And we’ll go to Al’s sometime during the summer, when we can meet outside, but of course we won’t be swimming in the pool there.  At any rate I’m eager to go somewhere–anywhere!   It seems like Dad and I never get out unless we’re going to Walmart or our medical appointments.  This week I have a podiatry appointment to (hopefully) get my little toe taken care of.  It hurts so much I can only wear socks, or my gigantic  steel-toe boots.  Oh, yes, and snow boots on Sunday.  I had the toenail taken off of that toe, thinking it would stop hurting, but it didn’t work.  Wish me luck.

Bentley’s most recent letter (5 days ago) mentioned the cold and snow in Texas.  It got down to 7 degrees and the pipe from their well froze, so they didn’t have water.  They had 4 inches of snow, too, which is unheard-of for that area.  The missionaries had to stay in their apartments for three days because of the bad roads, (and bad Texas drivers, Bentley says) but we know the work goes on anyway.  Go, Bentley!  BTW, if you want to get Bentley’s weekly letters, contact Kim.

Sharon is finally being a real nurse, working in a hospital this semester.  She gets to assess patients and listen to hearts and lungs.  It’s her first real nursing work outside of practicing on her own family.  The hospital is named Holy Cross, which is sort of funny, since Sharon and most of the rest of you were born at Holy Cross in Salt Lake.

A young couple we all know went out looking at rings.  I’m guessing there will be an exciting announcement pretty soon.  Hooray for young love!

Scout is in disgrace for peeing in the basement bathtub. I noticed a funny smell in that bathroom and looked further.  It was easy to clean up because I washed it all down the drain.  Meanwhile he’s banned from the basement, and I keep the doors to everything closed down there.  How do I know it wasn’t Sonia?  Because she would never do anything so uncouth.  She’s much too elegant for that type of behavior.  Besides, I’ve found Scout’s grey fur on the guest beds, and I’ve seen him prowling around down there.  Bad cat!

Life is good.  Winter is cold.  Spring will come.  

Lots of love, Mom