Saturday, March 27, 2021

Dear Kids,

I’ve changed my plan for conference Saturday next week, because it’s going to be Easter Saturday, too.  And because we’ve had so many fun Easter Egg hunts at the park across from Nora’s house, I asked her if she could host us that afternoon.  So here’s the plan: The fun will start about 3 pm, and we’ll have Easter treats.  Then we’ll have the Easter egg hunt, with Nora and Paige in charge.  Then, at 6 pm, all the guys can watch the Priesthood conference session in Nora’s basement, on that giant projection TV, and all the ladies and girls can chatter upstairs, and the little kids can play inside or out.  (The weather’s supposed to be a lot warmer this coming week.) What a plan!  Thanks, Nora, for volunteering your home.  Oh, yes, there will be more details forthcoming.  Nora will send out a text.

And of course we’re meeting at Tom’s this afternoon for the super spreader Sunday potluck.  Bring whatever you want and be there at 3.  We’ll have a wonderful time.  I’m always curious to see what everybody will bring.   One of these times we may end up with nothing but desserts.

No medical news this week! Hooray! Life is good.  

Wouldn’t you think two cats, working together, could take down one fly?  It was on the windowsill, and Scout whacked it with his paw and then bit it.  It ended up on the floor, where Sonia whacked it and bit it again, but it just kept crawling.  The cats looked at me like it was my turn, but I don’t have paws, and I didn’t want to bite it.  When I wouldn’t join the fun, they walked away to find something else to do.

I’ve been obsessed with finding new books, reading them, and writing book reviews for Goodreads.  I just uploaded my 700th review.  My goal is to reach 1,000, and then hopefully keep going.   I just had my piano tuned, too, and I’m hoping to become obsessed with playing it again.  With my surgeries and health challenges, I’ve gotten out of the groove, but I’m getting back in.  Oh, yes, and with the warmer weather coming, I’m hoping to start working in the yard again.  There’s so much fun ahead for me.  I hope you’re all enjoying springtime, too.

Love, Mom