Sunday, March 7, 2021

 Dear Kids,

My toe amputation went just fine.  They gave me an anesthetic that was supposed to make me drowsy, and it totally put me to sleep.  When I woke up it was all over.  They bandaged my foot really heavily, and it has to stay that way until I see Dr. Dickerson a week from Friday, so I have no idea what it looks like.  It doesn’t hurt very much, with the narco they gave me, plus the pain killers I usually take for my shingles pain.  So I’m in good shape.  If any of you want to come over tonight, feel free.  I’ll be upstairs in the recliner.

  Last Sunday, before the get-together at Nora’s, Dad and I went to Layton to celebrate Chloe’s first birthday with Paul’s family.  Curt and Lynette were there, too, and it was fun to see them again.  I can’t believe Chloe is one!  The Riebens say she looks like Paul.  She certianly has the big eyes!   Needless to say, she looked way cute in her pretty pink dress and accessories.  

And the Super Spreader event at Nora’s sure was fun!  I enjoyed seeing so many of you.  Our next big one will be at Tom and Kim’s on March 28 at 3 pm.  I saw Allen putting it into his phone calendar for the fourth Sunday of every month at 3, which is a great idea.  The more our phones can remind us of stuff, the better.  When there are five Sundays, we’ll still have it on the fourth.  Donna was even talking about hosting one at her house during the summer, when we can eat outside.  Allen, too.  So we’ve got a lot of fun times coming up.

Sharon’s older kids still aren’t in school, and when the junior high starts up later this month, just the kids are coming, not the teachers.  That’s a total disgrace!  The teachers are going to sit home and teach remotely, while the students sit in the classrooms with their laptops.  Montgomery County, Maryland, has about the laziest teachers (and the strongest teachers’ union) in the country.  I told Sharon they should move to the cabin and have their kids go to South Summit schools, which were barely closed at all.  I told her Seth could bring his white mice to the cabin to entertain our cats. She said he uses rhesus monkeys now, and I said those monkeys could really entertain the grandkids.  She said no, they’re really angry monkeys.  Life is tough for a research monkey, and their only joy in life is watching cartoons.  They pull their screens over and totally get into the cartoon characters.  At any rate, there’s no chance they’ll come to the cabin.  Sharon,  has her nursing program to consider, too.  By the way, Sharon can answer practically any medical question you might have.  I asked her what happened to amputated limbs, like my toe, and she said they probably put them in the bio waste.

Scout has taken up sleeping on my chest.  It would be OK, except he weighs about 40 pounds.  I might as well have asthma again!  Also, his grey fur flies into my nose and makes me sneeze.  I hate to push him away, but sometimes I have to, and he always looks really hurt.

Otherwise, life is grand.  I love you all!  Mom