Sunday, March 14, 2021

 Dear Kids,

Hopefully you all remembered to get up an hour earlier this morning.  It’s weird to start daylight savings time while we still have snow on the ground, and more to come.  Oh, well, it’s springtime in the Rockies.

Dad and I had our second Covid vaccinations on Wednesday, and we both got sick.  We’d been home about three hours when I started throwing up, and that went on for the rest of the afternoon.  I threw up so violently that the bandaging on my foot got polluted, so I unwrapped it and threw the whole mess away.  How does my poor little toe look?  It’s just a stub now, but it won’t be all that noticeable, when the swelling goes down.  If I’m brave I can even wear sandals.  I’ll have John take out the stitches on Thursday, and my life will be back to normal again.  Oh, yeah, the grandkids can see my toe this afternoon if you come here.  Or next week.  I explained to Drew that my pinky toe had been cut off, and with very big eyes he said, “Forever?!”  Then he told McKay, “Grandma had her baby toe cutted off!”  McKay just shuddered.  You parents, please explain to your kids that they can’t go cutting off their toes.  They might think it’s a normal thing to do. 

Dad had flu-like symptoms from the Covid shot, but he didn’t throw up.  He mostly just slept for the next couple of days.  He’s got his energy back again, which is great, because there are so many things I ask him to do.  In fact, while he was sick I couldn’t ask him to pull me up the stairs.  I had to take care of myself.

Our ward is starting a 2-meeting schedule today, and not just on zoom.  We’ll have sacrament meeting the first hour and then a 20-minute Relief Society-Priesthood Meeting-Primary block.  I guess they’re just going to try us out to see if we can sit through two meetings in person again.  It’s going to be tough.  We’ll all hanker after the Sundays when we just had our short worship meetings at home.  I’m wondering if some people will never come back.

I hope you’ve marked your calendars for the super-spreader-Sunday at Tom’s house on the 28th, in two weeks.  It’ll be fun.

Lots of love, Mom