Sunday, January 2, 2022

 Dear Kids,

Happy New Year, a day or two late!  I have some fireworks I’ll be shooting off tonight, because I couldn’t stay awake Friday night.  John’s bringing fireworks too, so we’ll have quite a show.  I’m thinking about 6:30 pm or so.   Be there or be square.  It’ll be cold, so if we set them off in the street, you can watch from inside, up at the library window.  At least there won’t be any fire danger. 

And Jacob’s farewell is a week from today, (January 9) in the church on Center St. (in Heber) that you pass just as you’ve passed Timp Meadows, on the way to Timber Lakes.  I think it’s about 1350 East.  The meeting is at 9 am.  There will be a brunch/lunch at John’s house afterwards, and his hot tub will be simmering, if you don’t mind the ice and snow around it.  I’ll be huddled inside.  We had plenty of ice and snow on our drive to Centerville last weekend, and with last night’s temperature of -5, we’ve had plenty of cold.  We’re glad for all the snow, however.

My whole family is buzzing with the fact that Emmy Webb (Adrian and Jarom’s daughter) has been called to the England Manchester mission, same as Adelaide.  We’re all sure that Grandma Allen (up there) has been pulling strings.  Emmy doesn’t go until April, but I’m sure they’ll run into each other.  

My brothers and sisters got together last night at Bonnie’s house, and there’s so much news I can’t remember it all.  Morgan James is getting married June 3 to a girl named Faith from Costa Rica (I think)–she’s the one that’s a quadruplet.  Justin’s daughter Eden is engaged.  Noah Allen is getting married in April.  One more of Charley’s grandsons is biting the dust, but I’m not sure which one.  Brock?  You kids who do facebook and instagram probably know way more than I do.

Now that the holidays are over, we’ll be back to our regular Super Sunday family dinners.  January 23 will be the next one, and I think it’s Nora’s turn.  More later.

Lots of love, Mom