Sunday, March 27, 2022

 Dear Kids,

Conference weekend is next Saturday and Sunday, and we’ll be having our bread and soup party here at 5 pm Saturday.  Then we’ll be watching the women’s session.  I’m ready for a new set of talks!  If you read one a day, starting right after conference when they first come out, you can get through all the talks nearly five times before the next group comes out.  But even on the fifth reading you notice new things.   It’s incredible.

Nora’s family won’t be joining us.  They’ll be off on a cruise:  a revenge cruise, Nora is calling it.  They planned it for more than a year ago, but it was cancelled because of covid, so they’re finally doing it now.  Their ship will be making three stops in Mexico.  I’m sure they’ll have a great time.  They’ll be back in plenty of time for Easter Saturday, which is good, because the party is at their house.  That will be on April 16, probably around 2 pm.  You can call Nora when it gets closer to see what you can bring.  The Easter egg hunt will be in the park across the street from their house, like we’ve done before.

Sharon has had a couple of interviews for jobs, and I’m pretty sure she’ll be able to pick and choose what she likes best.  Right now she’s doing a public health practicum at an adult day care center, where troublesome seniors get dropped off during the daytime, so their caregivers can have a break.  She’s very comfortable with helping out there, but the other three girls who are doing it are having a hard time.  They’re 20-somethings and can’t bear to be around old people.  Sharon said she’s glad she had plenty of exposure to care centers while she was growing up, and doesn’t freak out like those younger girls.  She said she’s glad she isn’t 20 anymore.

The temperature got up to 67 yesterday, and I used my new whirleybird spreader to put fertilizer on our grass.  I was pretty tired after walking all that distance, but exhilarated that I could do it.  We’re certainly into spring now.  Never mind that more snow is coming. 

More chemo for me tomorrow!  My breathing has been really good, after just 2 infusions so far, and I thank you all for your prayers for me.

Love, Mom