Sunday, March 6, 2022

 Dear Kids, 

Thanks to Tom and Kim for such a great Super Sunday last week.  Nothing beats Tom’s smoked pork, pulled by his own hands.  Nothing beats the great food the rest of you bring!  I’m always amazed.

Conference is coming up, and I think we should have our regular bread and soup dinner on the Saturday night before.  That would be April 2, I think.  We’ll meet here at our house, and I’ll have more details when it gets closer.  There will be a women’s session broadcast, and I don’t know if we ladies can go to our stake center to watch it, or if we’ll just watch it here, probably in our basement.  The men can babysit.  Sounds good to me.

And because of conference, I think we should do away with Super Sunday in March, and pick it up again the end of April.  It will be Allen’s turn.  

I wore my chemo pump from Monday to Wednesday, and it all went very well.  They gave me the Avastin, which slows down your blood flow, which should kill off the little blood vessels going to my tumors.  Evidently it helped, because I’m already breathing a lot better, after just one infusion.  And I’m having three more, so I’m very optimistic.  Thanks for all your prayers for me!  Oh, yeah, and I was a lot less tired after the chemo than I usually am.

Sorry for the short letter.  Absolutely nothing happened this week.  Our cats didn’t even do anything crazy.

Lots of love, Mom