Sunday, March 20, 2022

 Dear Kids,

Two weeks until conference.  The bread and soup party will be here at our house at 5pm Saturday night, April 2.  Bring bread or soup or both, whatever you like, and I’ll supply the ice cream and toppings for afterwards.  I’m sure conference will be great, and whoever wants to watch the women’s session with us is welcome to join us.  Oh, yes, and don’t forget that the Easter Picnic will be Saturday, April 16 at 2 pm at Nora’s house.  I’m sure it will be wild and crazy.

I know spring is coming because our Christmas poinsettia is finally dying.  I’ve given it plenty of water and sunlight, but it must be the time of year, because it’s leaves are starting to curl up.  Onward and Upward!  We’re supposed to have a little snow today, but later this week  the temperatures will be in the 50's.  Our old snow has mostly melted, and Sonia was eating grass the other day.  At the cabin there’s still snow, but it’s hard and glossy.  Donna had a sledding party with her friends and their kids, but the kids were mostly just throwing themselves on the ground and sliding. 

Yesterday we went to the viewing for the husband of one of my piano students, Joan Kohler.  Her husband Ken was in his nineties and ready to go.  Joan said she played hymns on the piano while she was waiting for him to die.  That makes three of my students who have lost their husbands in the last couple of years.   I hope the jinx doesn’t keep on going, or they’ll all be widows.

I’ve gotten obsessed with the Fire Cat books.  The book you all read when you were little was only one in a series, but the rest were out of print.  Now they’re back, and I’ve been madly buying them up.  The fire cat shows up in nearly all of them, and the pictures are to die for.   Some of them are on our coffee table, and some are on my shelves, but they’re all here for you to read if you want to.  If I’m young enough to enjoy them, who isn’t?

June 2 is coming up fast.  I hope it’s on your calendars for Bam Bam barbeque and lots of fun at Francis Park.  I’m thinking probably 6 pm, but we’ll be more sure on the time when it gets sooner.  

Lots of love, Mom