Sunday, October 9, 2022


Dear Kids,

As you saw from the pictures Al posted, we made it all the way up Rocky Top yesterday.  And just as I thought, you can look down on our house.  In fact, you look down on the whole Kamas valley.  It was only Dad, myself, Al, and Tom that did the hike.  And going up, we had a glorious time.  Coming down was something different.  I tripped on a rock and fell on my arm, skinning one spot totally.  It was a bloody mess.  Al bandaged it for me then and there, and when I got home I cleaned it and cut off the loose skin and wrapped it in gauze and tape.  Then, back on the trail, Dad was having a tough time coming down.  His back hurt, so he had to take it really slowly.  Tom had already gone on ahead to get home for Eli’s football game, and I was hustling ahead because of my arm, so we were all spread out.  But it was glorious weather and couldn’t have been more beautiful.  If any of you want to hike it any time, let us know.

I had a wonderful time in Arizona with my sisters.  What did we do?  Eat and talk.  Bonnie’s house there is too beautiful for words.  It was hot during the day, but perfect at night.  When I woke up both nights at midnight, I went outside and walked around the pool barefoot.  What else? We drove to the Mesa cemetery and looked at ancestors’ headstones, and we also tried to work a 1,000 piece puzzle, but it was too hard.  It didn’t even matter.  It was just fun being with my sisters. 

Scout was missing the whole time I was gone, but he showed up again yesterday morning.  We wonder if he has a second family and they kept him in.  He’s such a fine cat, who could resist him? 

Next Sunday is book club, and if you haven’t read Toys Go Out, there’s still plenty of time because it’s so short.  I’ve started keeping a list of what we’ve read, and it’s getting long!  So we’ll meet next Sunday, the 16th, here, at 5 pm, and there will be refreshments.  Be there or be square.

And the following Sunday, the 23rd, we’ll have Super Sunday at John’s.  Bring whatever you want.  It’s always fun.  

Lots of love, Mom