Sunday, October 30, 2022

 Dear Kids,

Aaron had his appendix out on Wednesday afternoon.  He hadn’t been in pain very long, and they diagnosed it right away by testing his white blood cells.  The surgery went well, and they sent him home a couple of hours later.  Dad and I went to visit him on Thursday, and he was hobbling around, holding an ice pack to his stomach.  He showed us his incisions–three tiny ones with staples that were going to dissolve.  No stitches to remove!  Appendectomies sure have changed from the days Nora and Sharon and Allen had them.

I hope you all have a fun Halloween tomorrow.  I won’t, because I have to start chemo again.  I don’t mind, though, because my tumors have been growing and I’m having trouble breathing again.  I always look forward to the first couple of infusions because they help my breathing so much, but then, after that, I have a lot to complain about.  Overall, though, I’m glad for the chemo, and it’s definitely lengthening my life.

I just finished reading “Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing” for our book club in two more weeks.  I’m definitely one of the few people who’s never read it before.  Judy Blume?  Everybody loves her.  I thought the book was pretty silly, though, but I know the kids will love it. 

And the next thing coming up after book club will be Thanksgiving, on November 24.  Dad and I will be fixing dinner at the cabin.  I’ll do the turkey and gravy and pumpkin pies.  If you want to join us, let me know, and we’ll decide what you should bring.  It will be one of my off-weeks from chemo, so I should feel OK. 

I colored my hair bright red for Halloween, so I should get a few stares in church today.  One of my friends, Lois, who has beautiful silver hair, was asking me about making her hair purple.  I loaned her my purple dye, and it turned out fabulous.  She ought to get a few stares in church today, too.

Yesterday I went on a short hike up the Rocky Top trail, but it was cold and muddy, and I couldn’t breathe very well.  That’s probably a good way to end the hiking season, so I won’t be yearning to be out on a trail somewhere.  Oh, well, Dad and I had some great hikes!

Love to everybody, Mom