Sunday, March 19, 2023

 Dear Kids,

Our snow has been melting!  It’s only up to our knees now!  Spring is on the horizon!

Our next family event will be Super Sunday at Tom’s house next week, the 26th.  We’ll start at 4 pm, and just bring whatever you want to, like always.  You can almost bet Tom will cook something in his smoker or on his barbeque. It’ll be great!

Thanks to everybody who participated in book club last week.  It was lots of fun.  Next month we’ll be reading “The Indian in the Cupboard,” and our next book club will be the third Sunday in April, not the second, because of Easter.  Speaking of which, we usually have our Easter Party and egg hunt on Easter Saturday, but since Nora has volunteered to host it, and since they’ll be out of town until Sunday, we’ll have our Easter party on Sunday, the 9th.  I’ll have more information when it gets closer. 

Oh, wait, I forgot to mention General Conference, which is the first weekend in April.  Usually I host a soup and bread dinner on Saturday night, before the evening session, but since both Nora’s and Donna’s families will be out of town, I’ll forego it this time around.  It will be strange, just watching the session with Dad.

Poor Aubrey got a concussion playing dodge ball at young men/young women.  Somebody hit her in the face.  She has to give up all her dance activities for two weeks which is really a bummer because she’s been practicing really hard for her dance events.  I’m sure it will help if you remember her in your prayers. 

Adelaide will be coming home June 8.  I can’t believe it’s so close.  Sterling will probably come home July 17, but he’s not sure.  He can pretty well pick his own release date because of some complication with transfers.  Ben is waiting for his call, and Aaron is waiting for his doctor’s clearance, and Sarah is going to be starting the process on April 1.  Have I forgotten anybody?  I’m really proud of all our family missionaries!

I’ve had an icky week with chemo, but I’m pulling out of it now.  Thanks for all your prayers in my behalf.

Lots of love, Mom