Sunday, March 12, 2023

 Dear Kids,

We’ll be having book club this afternoon at 5pm.  Donna gave up the idea of camping in Zions, because it’s still winter everywhere.  Oh, wait–we had a slight change in the weather on Friday.  Instead of snowing, it rained!  Yep, and Dad and I, who went to the Provo temple that afternoon, got trapped in Provo because a giant snow slide closed Provo canyon.  We had to drive home through Salt Lake and Parley’s canyon, which seemed to take forever.  No matter–we got home safely and the rain changed to snow.  It didn’t have much effect on the snow pack on the ground, except that one of our metal deer has his head poking farther out of the snow, now.  He’s looking around wondering where to find spring.  Well, he’s not going to find it this week.

So we’ll be having book club today, and we’ll be talking about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Kim will be in charge of the discussion.  And two weeks from today will be Super Sunday, at Tom and Kim’s this time.  It will be lots of wild fun, like always.

Sharon has an ideal church calling right now.  She’s Restaurant Club Coordinator for her ward.  All she has to do is pick a restaurant each month, set a date and time, and publicize it.  Last month they met at an Indian restaurant and six ladies came.  That’s success.  I would lobby for that kind of a calling in our ward if we had restaurants in Kamas, and if I could eat restaurant food.  (The DUP meets at a restaurant in Heber once a year, but I always bring my own food.)

I’ve been going to the wound center at LDS Hospital every couple of weeks, and they’ve been advising me on how to treat the wounds on my backside.  They show Dad what medications to put on, and how to bandage the area.  We’ve been doing this since last August, and since my wounds are still bad, I was wondering what they could try next.  I found out.  Nothing.  Their bag of tricks is empty.  Dr. Moffat warned me at the start that he might not be able to cure me, because the chemo drugs fight against any healing, but I still had lots of hope.  I’m still supposed to check in once a month to make sure there’s no infection, but I’m majorly disappointed in my diagnosis.  I can hope for a miracle, though.

And tomorrow I’ll be having the third infusion (out of four) for my chemo regimen.  At least the chemo has been helping me breathe better.  The ABC’s of triage are Airways, Breathing, and Circulation, so I’m being helped on that.  As long as I can breathe, I’m not going to complain very hard about the rest of my ailments. 

I’ll see most of you at book club this afternoon, and I hope the rest of you are well and happy.  Love, Mom