Sunday, March 26, 2023

 Dear Kids,

I’m looking forward to Super Sunday at Tom’s house this afternoon.  I’m eager to see what he’s cooked up.  You know it’s going to be something spectacular.  We’ll meet at 4 pm and it’ll be the usual setup–we put all our food together and have what we have.  

A week from today is conference Sunday, but we won’t be having a Saturday night party because both Nora’s and Donna’s families will be out of town.  Nora’s family will be in southern California, and they discovered once before that you can watch conference at the L.A. temple grounds, in an auditorium.  Their kids can run around outside.

Which you can’t do here yet.  Last week I was all excited thinking the snow was going to melt, but since then we’ve just had more.  We broke the all-time record for snow, set in 1983, which means that there has never been another year with this much snow.  (At least since records have been kept.)  That’s pretty historic. 

In last week’s letter I listed the missionaries who would be going out, but I forgot about Emma.  She’ll be 19 in August, but she’s going to do fall semester at Snow and then leave after that.  We could have five out at the same time!  And then there’s Charlie Thacker–he’s going to do a year at BYU and then leave after that.    Speaking of BYU, there are rumors that Bentley is transferring there.  Could it be he wants to be closer to a certain young lady going to UVU? 

April is nearly upon us!   Easter is the 9th (just two weeks from today) and our party will be on Easter Sunday, not Saturday like we usually do it.  It’ll be at Nora’s house, probably at 3 pm.  I’ll have more information next week.  I’m sure we’ll have our usual Easter egg hunt, besides picnic food.  And then, the week after that will be book club again.  I just started reading The Indian in the Cupboard, for the second or third time.  I just love that Indian!  He has tons of attitude.

Sonia disgraced herself by pooping on the brown carpet just inside the front door, which she’s done a time or two before.  Needless to say, she’s spending a lot more time in the garage now.  She sits on the radial arm saw with her paws tucked in, in the meatloaf position.  Scout hangs out in his condo.  They’ve both given up on spring ever coming.

But not me.  Eventually this endless winter will be over.

Lots of love, Mom