Sunday, May 28, 2023


Dear Kids,

I guess you all got the message that Super Sunday has been changed to Super Monday, because of Memorial Day.  It’s a tradition, of course–the Memorial Day barbecue at the cabin.  It’s been 22 years since our first one.  We’ll be eating at one pm, and Donna assures me that all the food has been assigned out.  So we’ll see you there!  The bridge still hasn’t washed out, thanks to the cooler weather we’ve had this week.  

But the water could still rise.  Donna is ordering the gravel for our gravel raking party on June 10; four dumptrucks full!  If the bridge gets dangerous before that time, she can always cancel it, and we’ll get the word out.  But otherwise, bring your muscles and your rakes and meet us at the cabin at 9 am on Saturday, the 10th.  Lunch will be at the Kamas Food Town deli, and you can choose whatever you want to eat.  Dad will pay the bill.  The food town deli has become my kitchen maid of choice since I’m not as robust as I used to be.  It works.

The day after our gravel party, Sunday the 11th, will be book club at our house.  We’re reading Superfudge by Judy Blume.  I read it in a couple of hours when I was trying to make myself read Siddhartha by the German author Herman Hesse.  Both books had come into the library in 2018.  Siddhartha was still pristine, but Superfudge was crinkled, bent, and worn out.  So we know who the more interesting author is!

I just finished a chemo week and it wasn’t any fun, but I’m feeling better now.  And I’m grateful that it’s lengthening my life.  I’m learning that not every moment of every day has to be devoted to something useful and constructive.  Sometimes I just sit and meditate, and my life is better for it.

Sonia is loving the warm spring weather.  She prefers going out at 3 am every morning, so if I’m not awake, she breathes on my face.  Then she tickles my face with her whiskers.  So I get up and put her out.  I got some free cans of tuna from the senior center food bank in Heber, and Dad decided to offer her some.  What a difference!  She totally gobbled it, instead of just daintily nibbling, like she does with regular canned cat food.  She licked her plate so clean that I could have put it back in the cupboard.  (But I didn’t.)  Obviously we need to feed her tuna now. 

Life is good!  I appreciate all of you so much!  Keep praying for me!

Love, Mom