Sunday, May 21, 2023

 Dear Kids,

I’m guessing I’ll see most of you at Ben’s missionary farewell today.  The sacrament meeting starts at noon in Nora’s church.  (The one you pass just before you turn up Old Haul Road.)  Lunch will probably be about 2:30.  I can see from Nora’s text thread that most of you have signed up to bring parts of the Café Rio lunch.

Next week will be Super Sunday, and Donna’s in charge.  We usually meet at 4pm, and Donna will send out a text telling us where it’ll be.  It’s always fun, and we’ve still never had a Sunday where we had all salads, or all desserts, or all of anything, for that matter.  Our next book club will be June 11, and we’re reading Superfudge.  I’m pretty sure it’s a sequel to Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, which we read several months ago.  Superfudge is our fifteenth book, since we started book club.  

Speaking of books, most of you know I’m really active on Goodreads.  For several years I’ve had the goal of hitting 1,000 book reviews, and I’m getting really close now–I’m only seven books away.  I’m trying to decide what my reward should be.  Any ideas?

I hope you’re all getting in shape for the gravel-raking party at the cabin on Saturday, June 10.  Remember that everybody who works gets treated to lunch by Dad and me.  You don’t even have to be part of our family to come.  If you’re reading this, you’re invited.  If you can round up a rake and bring it, so much the better.

The Provo River keeps rising, and it’s supposed to top out the middle of next week.  We still don’t know if the bridge to the cabin will be covered.  If so, nobody will be allowed to drive across.  It’s all very exciting.  I’m glad we don’t live over there full-time now.  Yesterday I went hiking at the Jordanelle, and the whole delta leading into the reservoir is covered with rivers and streams.  Farther up the canyon, lots of the pastures are flooded.  Poor cows!  Most of them have been moved to other places.  Even at the cabin, the ground is totally saturated.  You can’t hike up the hill without getting your feet muddy.

Monday morning I start chemo again.  I’ve had a really good break, so I’m OK with it.  Please keep praying for me!

Lots of love, Mom