Sunday, July 16, 2023

 Dear Kids,

Holy cow, Sterling comes home tomorrow!  Too bad it’s so late and far away for most of us!  He lands in Idaho Falls at 9:08 pm.

And this afternoon is Super Sunday at Paul’s at 5 pm.  We’re having it later so there will be more shade in Paul’s back yard, which will be good, since the temperature is supposed to be around 100.  Whatever–there’s no stopping the fun, where this family is concerned.

Speaking of which, Dad and I drove up to Mirror Lake yesterday afternoon to partly get it on the camping trip that Donna organized.  Besides Donna’s family, there were Nora’s and Tom’s families, and Allen besides.  Dad and I had already had a really long day, starting with working on the tile in the cabin’s pantry, so we didn’t stay long, but we ate lunch with Donna’s family and hiked around the lake with Bevan, Donna, and Al.  It was absolutely gorgeous, and cool enough that I had to wear my fleece.  Most of the kids were out on the lake in kayaks and paddle boards, and we waved to them as we walked by.  When we got back to camp we were absolutely worn out, so Dad and I headed home.

Two weeks from today we’ll be winding up the family reunion, and I hope you all received the agenda.  If you have any questions, contact Donna.  Thursday night, after the family pictures, we’ll sing happy birthday to John if he’s good enough to bring those chocolate cakes from Costco.  We’ll sing to him anyway even if he doesn’t, but we all know how much John likes going to Costco.

Other upcoming events to have on your calendar: Bentley’s wedding August 10, Vanessa’s combined meeting August 13, and book club here on August 20.  Nora suggested we read Bunnicula, which is a crazy and fun book about a Dracula bunny.

Looking ahead to school starting this fall–Although Dad and I turned our backs on BYU almost 50 years ago, we’ll have three grandchildren going there: Bentley, Adelaide, and Charlie.  We wish them well, along with all the other college, high school, middle school, elementary, and preschool kids.  What a family!

Love, Mom