Sunday, July 30, 2023

 Dear Kids,

The family reunion is ending this morning, and it has been spectacular.  Thanks so much, Donna, for planning it so well!  Thanks to all of you who prepared meals (and cleaned them up) and to those of you who helped with activities.  Every reunion we have is better than the one before it, and I expect that will keep happening.  Dad and I especially enjoyed the day at Deer Creek and the hike around Silver Lake.  Dad didn’t especially enjoy the drive home over Guardsman pass, since his brakes smelled like they were burning up and the heat melted one of his hubcaps.  But hubcaps are cheap, and even the brakes seem to have survived.

Bentley’s wedding is practically upon us.  It’s fun being the grandparent of a kid getting married, since you don’t have any work to do, and you can just sit back and enjoy everything.  The wedding is less than two weeks away, and I’m sure that either Bentley or Cambree could tell you the exact number of days.

And two weeks from today is the combined farewell/homecoming of Sarah and Sterling.  The meeting is at 9 am, and the address is 1701 Bartz Drive in Pocatello.  It will mean an early drive for lots of us, but there’s nothing I’d rather get up early for.

Book club is on August 20 (We’re reading Bunnicula) and Super Sunday is on the 27th at John’s house.  Then September will be upon us, with even more fun events.  If I ever act crabby at these family events, it’s only because I get so tired.  I’m always happy to be together with you.

Sonia has put us on notice that she’s tired of the heat.  I want to tell her that we’re tired of it, too.  If we would only spread ourselves out on our backs on the floor, like she does, we could probably tolerate it better.  I’m just glad we live near the mountains where we cool off so well at night.  

Love to all of you, Mom