Sunday, July 23, 2023

 Dear Kids,

Sterling is home!  His plane landed on time Monday night, but his luggage didn’t get there until Tuesday.  Luckily it was delivered to his house.  Vanessa says he talks with a sing-songy accent, like other missionaries who have been speaking Spanish.  I hope he still has his cute accent when we meet for the family reunion!

And the family reunion is upon us!  We’ll see you all Thursday night at 6:30 at Huber Grove, where the family pictures will be taken. We’re supposed to wear neutral colors.  The rest of the agenda is foggy in my mind, because it disappeared off my phone, but Dad and I will keep up with the rest of you.  Well, maybe we won’t go tubing on the Provo River, or play pickle ball, but we’ll be good spectators. 

The next big event after the family reunion is Bentley’s wedding on August 10.  I assume you all have your invitations.  I was going to color my hair pink for the summer, but I’m holding off because it might look too startling in the wedding pictures.  I know grandparents aren’t really the stars of the show, but I don’t want to spoil anything.  

The rest of our events for August are all on Sundays.  On the 13th the action moves to Pocatello, for the combination farewell/homecoming for Sarah and Sterling.  The meeting starts at 9 am, and the address is 1701 Bartz Drive.  It’s not the same church where we’ve met before, but I’m sure your phones can find it.  On the interstate, you can see two churches together near the ISU campus.  Vanessa’s building is the one closest to the interstate.  You can take the same exit we’ve always taken before, though.

The Sunday following, the 20th, will be book club at our house.  We’re reading Bunnicula.  I read it once, long ago, so I need to pull it out again.  I remember that it’s really crazy.  The Sunday after that we’re due for another Super Spreader (oops, Super Sunday), and it’s John’s turn this time.  That will finish out the month, but there’s no stopping the fun. 

Sonia has been complaining of the heat.  She spreads herself out long on the floor, and glares at us when we walk by, as if we could do something about it.  Dad and I know it won’t last, but she thinks it will be forever.  But we all know the summer is winding down fast.

I hope you’re all enjoying it!  Lots of love, Mom