Sunday, August 27, 2023

 Dear Kids,

I guess you all got the word that Super Sunday is at Nora’s house this afternoon.  4pm.  Be there or be square.  This is going to work out a lot better for John’s family, because they can combine Super Sunday next month with Aaron’s farewell on the 17th.  

Meanwhile, Josh’s baptism is this coming Saturday, September 2, at 11 am.  The address  of the stake center is 1715 W. 1600 North in Layton.   There’s a lunch afterwards at Paul and Stefanie’s.  We hope to see most of you there.  

Then, book club will be September 10th.  That’s coming up quickly, because we’ve been off schedule the last couple of months.  We’re reading Frindle, which is about a boy in middle school who invents a new name for ball-point pens.  It sounds crazy, and it is. 

I saw from a link on my phone that the family photos by Quinn Calder are available.  Wow, he took a ton of pictures!  I don’t know how anybody can possibly choose.  I’m sure Donna can tell you what to do next.  I’m impressed that our family is so wonderfully photogenic.

Yesterday I went to the Heber airport with Dad to help John fly his glider.  Dad helps John put it together, including scotch tape to hold the wings on.  (There are big bolts, too.) I don’t do anything helpful except drive the golf cart around a little bit.  (The golf cart tows the glider to the launching spot.) John inherited the golf cart from his friend Tom, who died a few months ago.  And Tom was the owner of the dead cat I found in the freezer at the hangar, if you remember that story.  Anyway, they got the glider assembled and then the towplane launched John into the air.  He found a good updraft and was soon near the top of Timp, where hikers at the shack took his picture.   He didn’t stay up very long, though, because some big storm clouds were building up, and he saw some lightning.  I asked John what happens if a glider gets hit by lightning, and he said the wings fall off and you parachute down.  I guess we could do without that kind of excitement.

Tomorrow I go in for chemo again, and it will go on until the second week in October.  I don’t mind too much, because I’ve had such a wonderful vacation, but I sure appreciate your faith and prayers in my behalf.  I know I’m living longer because of all of you.

Lots of love, Mom