Sunday, January 7, 2024

 Dear Kids,

My whole life right now is about being sick.  I’m into my fourth week of coughing, and I don’t have any energy at all.  On Thursday, I saw my oncologist, Dr. Lewis, and he blamed my coughing on Dr. Cannon, the radiation doctor.  Evidently the radiation squooshed up the tumors in my lungs and has made them interfere with my breathing.  Dr. Lewis thought a course of prednisone would really help me, but it’s the third day, and nothing’s getting any better.  I’m starting chemo again tomorrow, and hopefully that will shrink my tumors and stop the coughing.  I can only hope, and I really appreciate your prayers.

Meanwhile, Book Club will be a week from tonight, and I almost have my questions ready for Sled Dog School.   Whether I’m coughing or not, we’ll have a good time.  I put in my first question last week, so here’s the second: “How did the dog Bandit get his name?”  There, everybody can get at least two right answers.  When I planned this book for January, I figured we’d have a couple of feet of snow on the ground like we did last year.  We’ve had about an inch out of two storms.  Pretty soon the news will start pestering us about the drought.  We can never get it just right. 

The last Sunday of the month, January 28, will be a combination of Super Sunday and Emma’s farewell.  I’ll put more details in my letter next week.  I just love these gigantic family events and I hope I won’t still be coughing by then.

Sonia plays tricks on us every morning when it’s time for her to go out.  Mostly she crouches under the middle of our bed, where you can’t reach her from any side.  Dad tries to coax her with smooth talk and kitty treats, but I get the broom and sweep under, from one end to the other.  She hates that.  But by evening she forgives me, when it’s time to sleep on my legs.  My legs must be warmer than Dad’s, because she always prefers me.

It took us four days to get our little Christmas tree undecorated and down, but it’s finally tucked away in the corner of the storage room, and we’re really into the new year.  I haven’t made any resolutions.  The year goes by too fast for that.  I’m living my life one day at a time.

Lots of love to everyone, Mom