Sunday, December 31, 2023

 Dear Kids,

Christmas came and went and still we didn’t get any snow, but it was a great holiday anyway.  It would have been greater for me if I hadn’t been sick, but those things happen.  I was sorry we couldn’t drive around Heber and visit everybody, but we did make it to Donna’s house for Christmas dinner.  I sat in the sunshine and watched all the activity.  Monday there wasn’t much snow for the sledding party, but everybody seemed to be having a good time anyway.  I enjoyed sitting in the greenhouse listening to what everybody had to say, and soaking up the sun.  I enjoyed the smell of Donna’s Navajo tacos, even though I couldn’t eat any. 

Two weeks from today (January 14) will be book club, and we’re reading Sled Dog School.  Since I’m in charge of the discussion, I’ve already started writing down my questions.  The first one is: “When Matt yelled “haw” at his dogs, did he mean for them to turn right or left?”  There, everybody will get at least one right.  I’m really enjoying the book, at least my second time through it.  

On January 28 we’ll be combining Super Sunday with Emma’s farewell.  It works out well to combine the events, and besides, Allen would normally be in charge, but he’ll be laid up from his surgery on the 24th. Am I the only person getting nervous about this?  I’m sure the Lord will bless and protect both Allen and Spencer, but I’ll be relieved when they’re both recovering.

Dad and I have been enjoying all the Christmas presents you gave us, and especially all the chocolate.  Dad didn’t used to be a fan of dark chocolate until he found out it’s supposed to be good for your heart, and now’s he’s eating it up!  So thanks, everybody, for all you gave us.  Our most spectacular present was probably the giant framed picture of our family, the one I used on our Christmas card.  I’d been too sick to hang it, but yesterday morning I felt a little bit better so we got out the tools and put it up.  There never was such a family!  I didn’t really “get it” until I saw the picture for the first time, and realized how many people there were.  So thanks to Donna for getting us the big framed version, and to all of you who helped pay for it.  Thanks for all the rest of your presents, too.

I hope you all have a pleasant New Years Eve tonight.  I have fireworks left over from the fourth of July, and I’m planning to shoot them off.  Actually there’s only one pack, but it’s ariels.  I’ll probably get them out as soon as it’s dark.  We don’t have to worry about starting a fire, do we?  It’ll be too cold.

Lots of love, Mom