Thursday, February 1, 2007

      The big news this week was the very speedy arrival of Aubrey Michelle Ackerson on Friday morning at 9:15. She weighted 7 lbs. 10 oz, and of course she’s very cute. She has quite a bit of hair, straight and sort of blondish brown, but of course that can change. I spent Friday at John’s house taking care of the older kids, while John was at the hospital with Heather. I had lots of fun. Lots of trips in the minivan, taking Julie to school and Jacob to preschool, where I got it wrong, you know, like in Mr. Mom–north to drop off, south to pick up. I was going the wrong direction, and Jacob’s teacher had to come out and explain that I was “doing it wrong.” So when I came to pick him up, I was careful to line up in the right direction with the rest of the minivans and SUV’s. Then, later on, we went and picked up Julie at her school. When we got home, I had Julie show me all the books she’s made, and her journals that she’s illustrated. She says she’s going to make a book about her whole life, with lots of pictures, like the green book I made about you kids. Go, Julie!
      I’m writing my weekly letter at Grandma and Grandpa’s again, because our computer is still down. After a week in the repair shop, it came back to us, and they said that the motherboard Dad bought last month is supposedly defective. So Dad took it out and sent it back to the company. I went to Sams Club and bought a laptop (my second one–the one I bought last week was defective, and I took it back.) All I want is to be able to sit down at a computer and do my work every day! Is that asking too much?
      Tom and Kim have moved their stuff from their rental house in Price to a storage unit. They’ve moved their selves to the Bentley’s house, and they’re still looking for a place to buy in Heber. If they don’t find a house by the end of May, Kim and the kids will move to the cabin with Tom. I don’t even want to count how many moves they will have made in the last couple of years, or how many more times they might have to load up their stuff. Let’s all hope they get settled soon.
      I’ve been having lots of fun working at the cabin lately. ( I’m doing more there, because I’m not going snowboarding these days–not enough snow.) One thing I’ve always needed to do was cut a hole in the ceiling over the wood-burning stove, up into the moose bedroom. The pioneers used to do that–you can see it in really old homes. Well, it’s a great idea! So I cut this hole, quite big (at least big enough for a kid to fall through), and I put a grate on it. And laid a box fan over that. So now, if you build a big hot fire in the stove, and go upstairs and turn on the fan, it pulls a blast of hot air into the bedroom. Last night it warmed up from 64° to 70° in an hour! Lots better than those little space heaters!
      I can’t think of any more news. Oh, Jimmy Simko’s finally getting married. June 9th. Who would’ve thought?
      Lots of love, Mom