Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dear Kids,
      I came home from Michigan last night, and now I’m trying to remember what I was doing before I left. There were all sorts of important projects I left behind, but now I can’t remember what they were. All I can think of is laundry and putting stuff away. That’s no fun at all, compared with my stay in Michigan, where I played with Charlie and helped take care of Matthew. Oh, and I did crown molding, too. Sharon’s friend Mandy heard that I like home improvement projects, so she got the idea that when I came, we’d put up crown molding in Sharon’s living room, and then maybe do her house, too. So she borrowed all the tools, and they had their molding all painted when I got there. So Friday, we did Sharon’s living room. It was hard to figure out. When you think you’re cutting it right, then it’s always wrong. And if it looks wrong, then you’re probably cutting it right. We only wasted a couple of pieces, though, before we got it figured out. And Saturday, Mandy and I did her house, along with her husband, Eddie, who’s an anesthesiologist. But he likes to use power tools. It went really fast by then. So, if anybody wants crown molding, I know how to do it now.
      Tom and Kim are going to bless little Ali on March 4th at 9:00 am at their ward in Price. It’s the church next to Sessions, so everybody knows where that is. Dad and I will be going for sure, but we realize it’s pretty early in the morning for a trip to Price, so I don’t know how many of the rest of you will brave it. I think John and Heather will be blessing Aubrey pretty soon, too, but I’m sure they’ll let us all know the place and time.
      My sister Nancy sent us an e-mail about putting together a new family cookbook. She’s willing to do the work! She wants you to e-mail or send her any recipes that you want to include. (Her e-mail is: If any of us want our recipes from the old book to be included, we’re supposed to send them, too, but it looks like the new book is going to be sort of a supplement to the old one. We’re also supposed to send any fun family photos or other pictures for the book. I don’t know if there’s a deadline, yet. I got the e-mail from Nancy a couple of weeks ago.
      Monica’s still working on her wedding plans. There’ll be no stoppin’ the fun! By the way, we’ll want to have a big family picture taken (all 37 of us) sometime before the wedding, which will be Saturday afternoon, July 7th. So, should I schedule the picture for early Saturday morning, or would Friday night be better? Please let me know what your preference is. We haven’t had a real picture in years. Also, will you want Mike to take individual pictures of your families? If so, he’ll need more time. So let me know. I hope he isn’t already booked up. (Then, of course, we could call in our official family photographer, Tom, and he could set up his camera on a tripod, and run to get in the picture.) Either way, it’ll work.
      Hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it. I am. Love, Mom